About MLBM

My Life Back Movement (MLBM) started because I realized I was more than how I was being treated. I was at my lowest point in prison, raging over the injustice that I witnessed there. In this moment, I decided to fight back rather than let my circumstances diminish me. It was from this realization that MLBM was born.

This movement is dedicated to anyone who wants to change their lives or help someone who may be hurting find that undeniable hunger to achieve success. This is MLBM!

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This is about you and what you can do to better your life and those around you. Be the change you wish to see in this world. Join the movement. This is our creed.

  1. My name is _____. In time past, I walked in ignorance, pride and shame. Today I know, live, love and teach life.
  2. I cannot change my past, but I will forever be remorseful for any pain that I have caused.
  3. Where I can make amends, I will do my part.
  4. My focus is on my future, not where I must start.
  5. From this day forward, I will walk with my head held high.
  6. Each and every day, in love and not in hate, I will leave my mark, each and every day, even those that are dark.
  7. Even if I fall seven times, I will always get up again.
  8. I will not be overruled by my emotions or let my present circumstances determine who I am.
  9. No longer am I my own worst enemy, today I am my friend.
  10. When times get tough, I will push through pain and do what needs to be done. As for my responsibilities, never again will I run, not even from one.
  11. My life and my future are mine.
  12. From this day forward, I will manage my own time.
  13. I am not alone, but part of a mighty whole.
  14. Where I can't, "we" can, and we will until the end.
  15. This is not where I end! This is not where I end! This is not where I end!


We are a movement, not a procrastination. Move!

If you'd like to learn more about me or the movement, check out my vlog (video blog)!

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